Link Civil Bank to Khalti; Get Rs. 100 Bonus and Samsung Smartphone

Kathmandu : Khalti, Nepal's leading online payment service provider, is offering a Rs. 100 bonus to users who link their Civil Bank account to Khalti. In addition, by the end of this month, one lucky user will win a Samsung Smartphone.

The bonus is only available to users who link their Civil Bank account to Khalti for the first time, and the smartphone is only available to users who link their bank throughout the month. To link bank, the user's KYC must verify their KYC beforehand.

This offer has been made available to users in order to encourage them to use digital payments and reduce the need for them to load money into their wallets on a regular basis.

Once the user links the bank, this service allows them to make direct payments of bills such as water, internet, electricity, government revenue, and other available services within a few taps without loading the wallet. The Rs. 100 bonus offer on bank link is valid from 14th Jan till 13th Feb.

 To link Civil Bank account to Khalti, users need to:

  • Go to Khalti's Home Screen
  • Click on Link Bank Account under Featured services
  • Tap on "Link Bank Account to Khalti"
  • Choose Civil Bank Limited
  • Fill the Details and Click on "Link Bank"
  • You'll receive OTP code and fill the OTP
  • Your Civil Bank account will be linked to Khalti successfully.

Along with Civil Bank, users have the option to link 18 other banks with Khalti.

About Khalti

Khalti Digital Wallet, established in 2017, is a popular Digital Wallet and Payment Gateway in Nepal. Currently, it has more than 2.0 million + active users throughout the country. From Khalti, users can recharge their phone, TV, pay their internet bill, insurance premiums, Government Revenues, Waste Management Bills, buy domestic flight tickets, and many more. Khalti can be download from Khalti.com/app

Gaun Sahar Reporter

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