Some Regrets

  • Arjun Dahal
  • 08 Nov, Thursday, 2018 | 19:09:00 Published

Sometimes I feel,

as if some news is intended for me,

probably as a result of psychological disorders.

I wrote about my country's history,

to find some good writers might call me monarchist,

or supporter of monarchy,

but I won't mind,

for I guess, everyone is free to analyse on their own.


In my illusion of psychological disorders,

sometimes I felt,

as if there were chances to study in universities,

where most students and scholars dream,

or to any universitiy or places of my choice,

or anywhere else, along with my bunch of idiots.


Now if I praise my virtual world,

my real world might be annoyed.

The poetry sang freedom numerous times,

two or three days in continuous form,

and I was doing such good analysis that,

I praise the beauty of poem and poets

and did nothing,

and it makes me wonder, why I am always so stupid.


And all I remember is,

before the illusion,

I was beginning to work on tensors,

matrix formulation on quantum mechanics,

schwarzschild metric, Minkowski's space,

Reimannian Geometry, Vector Spaces, Curvatures

to all the way to General Relativity,

waiting to be rejected by the journals,

with the pre-predicted,

either, honest, sweet, bitter or other forms of rejections,

and it makes me regret a lot.

प्रतिकृया दिनुहोस
प्राप्त प्रतिक्रिया
तपाईँको मत